How to cut and install stair stringers (string cladding)

Last year, we started working at a staircase renovation project and we created tutorials showing you how to install each stair part from a staircase.  We finish this  project with showing you how to cut and install stair stringers using our stair cladding panels.

We made this video short (it lasts only 4 minutes), interesting and captivating. You’ll learn how to clad the exterior strings on a staircase by measuring the stair stringers, cutting them, and then installing them. This tutorial can be used by carpenters, joiners, builders, and by people passionate about DIY. It is easy to follow and it presents a solution to cladding stair stringers.

Stair parts needed for this project: String cladding panels (stair stringers). Dimensions: 2400 x 300 x 6 mm.